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Gaits of Change
Telephone: 949.701.5271

Gaits of Change

Where Every Journey Begins With A First Stride


Gaits of Change offers several mentorship programs to assist you in your journey.  Mentorship is a collaborate journey to embrace the person you want to be and to create the outcomes you desire.  There are programs for the PATH Intl. Mentor Training Course as well as individualized mentorship for those pursing their Advanced or Master Instructor Certification and for Program Directors. Contact Sandy to see how she can assist you in either of the mentorship programs.

PATH Intl. Mentor Training Course

The PATH Intl. Mentor Training Course is a 1 1/2 day course that includes topics such as:

  • The Role of the Mentee & Mentor
  • Levels of Competency
  • Developing A Professional Relationship
  • Self-Reflection
  • Criteria Needed for Certification
  • Developing a Contract
  • When To Say "No"
  • Conflict Management

The PATH Intl. Mentor Training Course is for certified instructors and PATH Intl. Centers who mentor or desire to mentor staff, volunteers, or outside candidates seeking continuing education and certification as an instructor.  Hosting a Mentor Training Course would improve your ability to provide the most current information to your staff and instructors, be educated in the best practices of mentorship, develop strategies to best assist staff and instructors at your center and beyond.

The Mentor Training Course can be hosted by contracting Sandy as the lead faculty.You may reach Sandy by phone or email for further assistance.  She will assist you with advice, promotion, and set up.  Th center will need to download the PATH Intl. Mentor Training "host site" package.

Advanced Instructor Mentorship

Gaits of Change offers mentorship for individuals pursuing their Advanced Instructor Certification.  You will receive step by step guidance from a PATH Intl. Master Level Instructor such as.

  • Tips on how to prepare for the certification event
  • Feedback on teaching skills
  • Feedback on lesson plans
  • Feedback on lunging & riding

Master Instructor Mentorship

There are very few Master Instructors in our industry, which makes it difficult to find a mentor if you are actively pursuing the Master Level Certification. Sandy believes the future of the EAAT industry is to be governed by the membership and professionals who are dedicated to the industry as their career.  Sandy is available to be a mentor and advisor for those who are seeking their Master Level Certification.

Program Director Mentorship

Sandy can also provide mentorship for Program Directors.  She can assist in the following areas:

  • Assistance & feedback for program development
  • Networking & trouble shooting techniques
  • Scheduling riders & volunteers

Contact Sandy if you are interested in contracting her services as a PATH Intl. Master Instructor Mentor.