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Gaits of Change
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Gaits of Change

Where Every Journey Begins With A First Stride

Testimonials & Success Stories


"Sandy is an amazing riding instructor. She is committed to helping individuals with disabilities accomplish goals never dreamed of. With her expert knowledge and skill, riders are able to enter a new world of freedom... I was fortunate to have Sandy as an instructor after searching many years for a riding coach who understood the limitations of my disability, had a keen knowledge of horse physiology, knew dressage, and expected growth and progress even from a rider with a disability. I have witnessed this wonderful person reassure an 86 year old stroke victim that riding was a viable appropriate possibility, and watched a young severely autistic man interact appropriately…feeling comfortable and secure with both his horse and fellow riders under Sandy’s watchful eye.

On a more personal note, Sandy convinced me that para-equestrian competition was a real and obtainable goal. As a person with significant limitations in walking, I worried about the practical side of horse ownership… like leading my 1200 horse; how I would lunge, along with mastering more advanced riding movements. I can still hear her say “No worries…..you’ll be able to do it” and with her help and some adaptations which she devised, I did! Sandy’s belief in my ability has allowed my dreams to take seed. Sandy Webster is a vital link in understanding how one can achieve his/her goals!"

Adria Di Maria, Aspiring Paralympian


“I wanted to send you a note to say how much I appreciate everything you have done for MANE (Montgomery Area Nontraditional Equestrians) and myself.   I hope you know that you have inspired each of us in many ways. I now see what MANE can become and I am committed to being here for the long haul. It amazes me how much experience you have in riding and therapeutic riding...it only reminds me that I have so much to learn!”

Anne Alan Duncan
Program Director

“Sandy is a wonderful coach, knowledgeable about disabilities, sensitive to her riders' needs and always positive, emphasizing ability. She is an expert horse trainer; patient and kind. Sandy has a deep belief in the benefits of therapeutic riding and expert understanding of all aspects of therapeutic riding programs from selecting horses to matching horse and rider to training volunteers.”

Michele Green
National Champion for Riders with Disabilities in Canada
Past Chair of the Board of Directors at CARD (The Community Association for Riding for the Disabled)

“Sandy has many challenges to overcome with each student and each class she teaches. She does this with patience and persistence. Sandy does a fabulous job and she loves her work. It shows in the way she cares for each of her students and how the students respond to her. Sandy is a real life hero to all her students.”  ~~Marilyn Bartow, Giant Steps Therapeutic Equestrian Center

"Gaits of Change/Sandy Webster's PATH Intl. Advanced Certification Preparation Workshop was an integral part of my success in achieving advanced status. I was able to pass the advanced certification on my first attempt because I was well prepared and knew what to expect after attending Sandy’s workshop. The physical material she provided as curriculum I reference regularly and it was a cornerstone for creating my own study guide. The process of getting to essentially do a dry run of the certification itself was invaluable. By participating in the workshop, I discovered areas I needed to focus on and spend more time practicing and other areas that needed tweaking through both subjective and objective assessment. Sandy is a natural born teacher with so much positive energy. Her feedback is constructive, helpful, inspiring and motivating. Her wealth of knowledge and ability to share this knowledge and educate others is truly a gift and admirable talent. Thank you Sandy for helping me reach the next level in my career and grow both professionally and personally."  ~~Kelcy Rainer


"It was a great pleasure to attend your presentation at the PATH Conference and see how the horses work with the handling system.  I have conducted a few training sessions with the volunteers at our facility and will continue to use this system as a model for consistency in working with our horses. We have a very small program and the horses we work with are also in the regular school program. I think it is important to be as consistent as possible in our work with them. Thank you so much- you have been a great inspiration to me." ~~Sheila Brown